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Rules and Regulations

1. Bow to the flags and instructor when entering or leaving the Dojang.

2. Do not enter class late or leave early without the instructor’s permission.

3. Loud conversation, laughing, chewing gum, wearing watches or jewelry have no place in training.

4. Wear a clean uniform and trim your nails. Clean hands and feet are important.

5. Do not engage in any activity that might violate the code of ethics or degrade the reputation of the center.

6. Assume the position of attention when speaking to an instructor. Also use words of consideration, such as “Yes, Sir”, “No, Sir”, etc.

7. Be courteous and respectful of your fellow students. Do not teach other students unless asked to by your instructor.

8. Do not teach martial arts, hold a demonstration or enter a tournament competition without your instructor’s approval.

9. Any substitute instructor shall be treated as the Master instructor.

Failure to abide by the above rules may result in loss of rank, suspension from the school or both. Please understand that these rules will be enforced.