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Principles of Song Moo Kwan

The principles of Song Moo Kwan were written and passed down by its Founder, Supreme Grandmaster Byung Jick Ro, for the spiritual and mental development of his students. In the Principles, he emphasizes the development of more than the physical and technical aspects of Song Moo Kwan martial arts. This emphasis separates Song Moo Kwan from martial sports and many martial arts, as attitude is emphasized over stance, character over form, with the goal not being perfection of the art, but perfection of one’s self.


예의 존중 (禮儀 尊重)
Everything begins and ends with Courtesy and Respect.

극기 겸양 (克己 謙醴)
Your pursuit of the Way must be with humility, and indifference to pain or pleasure. 

부단 노력 (不斷 努力)
Realizing the Truth of Song Moo Kwan is a lifelong pursuit.

기웅 만부 (氣雄 萬夫)
Your Indomitable Spirit should reflect the power of a million men.

문무 겸전 (文武 兼全)
Unite the wisdom of the Scholar with strength of a Warrior, integrating your mind and body into one.