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Song Moo Kwan Welcome to the European Song Moo Kwan Association When Mind and Body are Together, Nothing is Impossible


We Offer

Initial Rank Recognition

Provisional Rank Recognition is issued upon affiliation .A training program is assigned to prepare for a formal grading.

Official School Charter

A Dojang Charter is issued upon acceptance of affiliation valid for a period of Two Years.

Assistant Instructor and Instructor Certification

Seminars are periodically scheduled to qualify Assistant Instructors and Instructors with teaching Methods and a Syllabus for preparation of Kup gradings and management skills.

Formal Black Belt Ranking

A Black Belt and Dan program is provided and a Time frame set for your personal grading .The program is shaped to suit your Kukkiwon Certification / Song Moo Kwan Syllabus or both.


Song Moo Kwan is a multi-discipline Martial Art where Gumdo, Hoshinsul are taught alongside Taekwondo .Seminars are organised either Minneapolis in USA, Jinju in Korea or at your own Dojang by prior arrangement.

Advocacy & Protection

Song Moo Kwan enjoys a unique standing because of its good name. Being affiliated adds credibility and Song Moo Kwan’s name and logo are registered trademarks which reserves its members with a unique and distinguished branding.


For the general public your facility is listed as an official affiliate on our website and it allows subscribed members to log in and authenticate your credentials or those of your dojang.


Song Moo Kwan is very progressive Association. Its Board of Grand Masters meets annually to discuss or recommend the implementation of improvements or new techniques. Recommendations and adaptations will then be promulgated to all our members.

Martial Art Supplies

A member shall avail of the group purchase power which in turn will benefit your dojang and students to avail of further discounts on the purchase of Martial Art Supplies. Other Discount schemes on Insurance & many other businesses are being negotiated. Advantages will be at the disposal of every member and associate member in your Dojang.


Past - Present - Future

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+353 87 8090088

24A Hebron Road - Hebron Estate, Kilkenny, Ireland




Dan Search

Welcome to our Dan Search Engine Tool.

A search by First or Last Name, Country, City, or Dojang serves as a powerful tool for transparency and authenticity

Search by First or Last Name, Country, City or School in addition to Dan Level from 1 to 9



World Song Moo Kwan Association is currently revising its rules and regulations with regard to hosting and holding competitions with a country, continental and world ranking in different aspects.

Dates will be announced soon,